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Food & Drink

Elemental Cooking.

Two million years ago, two sticks were rubbed together and this was the birth of fire. Fire that would change how we prepared food forever, enhancing food with its energy, power and passion. It continues to connect us to our long culinary past and heritage with each dish we create, savour and enjoy.

In time, the clay oven came into use creating a focal point for the community. A place to cook, gossip and exchange recipes and views on life.

Today, we use modern techniques to harness the power of fire: A bespoke robata grill and a tandoor clay oven take centre stage in all our cooking and our guests gather around them, enjoying their glow as they eat together, just as in ancient times. We source the best - the very best – from land, sea and earth and cook with care and imagination.

So much has changed since that initial spark and yet, each day still begins with the lighting of the coals and closes with the glow of the dying embers.

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