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Food & Drink

Elemental Cooking.

Over two million years ago - two sticks were rubbed together and this was the birth of fire. Fire that changed how we prepare food forever. It enhances food with its energy, power and passion.

Today we have advanced techniques and technology in our kitchens but using fire puts us in touch with our momentous culinary past and heritage with the dishes we create, savour and enjoy.

Six thousand years ago the clay oven was created, becoming the focal point in a village community. A place to cook, gossip and exchange views on life. We have such an oven in our restaurant built for our delicious Naan-e Barbari bread.

We source the best - the very best - we cook with care and imagination from land, sea and earth. We begin each day with the lighting of the wood and the day ends with the glowing, dying embers.

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