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We opened The Barbary in 2016, two years after opening our very first restaurant, The Palomar, in Rupert Street. Since then, Jacob the Angel and The Blue Posts have joined our little family, all closely situated both geographically and culturally. Ultimately, we create places that we want to go to, and to do that we need brilliant people like you to join us.

With all the roles available, there is plenty of scope for the right person to grow within our group and we urge you to follow your aspirations, talents and passions. We actively take genuine interest in your career – from funding management training courses, available for both front of house and the kitchen brigade, to arranging stages within the group and internationally, we aim to encourage your development.

Our mantra is to first to be a great place to work, perform to the to the best of our ability and creativity, to be fantastic for the public and finally financially successful… Yes, in that order.

We want you to trust your instincts because they are built upon our shared foundations; and we believe the great cornerstone of hospitality is team culture – this is about realising that every role is crucial in what we do, day in, day out.

We are looking for intelligent, ambitious and upbeat people to join the family. We need you to be professional, to be interested in the world around you, to take pride in your chosen craft. We are on an adventure and welcome you to join us.


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